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I can’t belieb I spent 5 hours making a damn gif set

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Tyler Posey joins Johnny Depp, Tony Hale in Kevin Smith Action Adventure


CASTING NEWS - Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith are teaming up for what is being dubbed a “comic book movie,” and they’re bringing their daughters with them.

This week, Smith will start principal photography on Yoga Hosers, an action-adventure movie that will star Depp, his daughter Lily-Rose Depp, and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith.

The movie is Smith’s follow-up to Tusk, which premieres at the Toronto Film Festival in September, and is the second installment in Smith’s True North trilogy of movies that are steeped in Canadian myths and culture.

In fact, the entire cast of Tusk is returning for Hosers, including Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Ralph Garman and Harley Morenstein.

New to the cast are Tony Hale, Natasha Lyonne, Austin Butler, Adam Brody, Tyler Posey and Jason Mewes.

More info - The Hollywood Reporter

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tonight, the literal hand of god allowed me to take this picture. that is at least 10 inches. this is what life’s all about i am feelin blessed. this pic finna go down in history. ya welcome.



drake tryna get up from the chair after nicki leaves


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drake is gonna write a song called “the chair” and its gonna drop at number one where he’s just rapping about his experience in that video seeing gods he doesn’t even believe in

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Usher did not write Confessions for y’all to still be having side chicks
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